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Christmas Noir

13 Dec

Things have been super busy lately, and with the lead up to Christmas everything is getting a bit more stressful. With all the things I have to do for the blog and for the wedding coming up, I don’t have as much time to give you a large amount of different ideas and inspiration like I would normally do at Christmas. I welcome you to check out last years articles because they still reign true this year and it might give you a new idea, but for this year I offer you our current Christmas theme: Christmas Noir!

Christmas Noir

Now my fiancee came up with the idea for Christmas Noir some time in October after watching a Community Channel video on Youtube and wanted to do a funny eCard for Christmas as well. Somehow, it ended up being an idea for Christmas Noir, and that we would have a black tree and film a 1920′s  Film Noir style eCard and send it to all our family and friends. So while we didn’t actually put the eCard together, we did decide to run with the 1920′s Christmas Noir theme for 2013.

When your getting a Christmas Noir theme together you have to think like 1920′s film noir, and I’m not talking about a tacky guys and dolls theme. Think classics such as The Maltese Falcon, This Gun For Hire and Kiss of Death and get your mind set into black and white. Add a splash of difference with one primary colour, such as red, blue or yellow. We went with blood red, to bring together the idea of a femme fatale in a classic noir story.

Black Christmas Baubles

Next, get yourself the important bits, such as a black Christmas tree (we got ours from Big W for $79) and black decorations. We stuck with plain black baubles in either a shiny, matte or glitter finish, but you can go with any adorable nutcrackers, Santas, birds or any other black Christmas themed ornaments. Next, to add the red colour burst to the theme, we got ourselves some cute red and white Christmas lights from the local cheap shop and added them into the tree. Move the branches into position to make them more fuller and spread everything out on the tree for a neat look.

Red Star

To top it off we got ourselves a red glitter star to adorn the top of the Christmas tree. It brought all the different aspects together.

Christmas Noir Gifts

The last piece of the Christmas puzzle, and the bit that everybody stresses about, is the presents. Luckily, Byron and I decided to purchase as many gifts from our overseas trip to Cambodia as possible and were able to get the majority of them without having to battle the wars now raging at shopping malls.

To continue with the Christmas Noir theme, we wrapped all of the Christmas presents in black wrapping paper (we got it from the Newsagency) and added some fancy black ribbon around them. We were going to put red alphabet stickers on the presents to mark them with the initials of our friends and family, but found it impossible to find. So instead we cut out red cardboard and wrote their names on them and stuck them through the ribbon as well. It wasn’t exactly what we wanted, but it looked good anyway.

So this is our Christmas Noir theme for our tree this year, and I hope you like it. If you decide to develop your own Christmas Noir tree, I would love to see it! Email me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com

Have a good Christmas!

xx Courtney xx


Have a Fifty Shades of Grey Bachelorette Party!

29 Sep

If your any kind of modern woman, than you would have read EL James’ erotica romance series Fifty Shades of Grey; a story about a naive and innocent girl named Anastasia, who is caught in the crosshairs of eccentric billionaire Christian Grey. He then promptly whisks her away and introduces her to a world of riches and BDSM, where he loves to use things like whips, paddles and ties to create a master-slave sexual relationship.

Now, Target has recently launched a new lingerie range based on the Fifty Shades of Grey books and it had me thinking – all the suggestive erotism and sexy fun is what bachelorette parties are all about. Gone are the days where you dress up in tacky bridesmaid sashes and wedding tiaras and flirt with every guy in sight – it’s all about being introduced to your sexier side to spice things up on your honeymoon. So why not spice things all the way up and host your own Fifty Shades of Grey bachelorette party? Here are some fun ways you can do just that:


Just like the book covers, you need to set the decorations to the theme and tone of Fifty Shades of Grey. Use grey as the first and foremost colour and mix in some black, silver, and to spice it up and create a splash, red. Get a silvery grey table cover and decorate the table with black pieces, such as black BDSM style masks that you can use as place settings like they did here.  Use romantic red roses in glass vases as centrepieces to show that Fifty Shades ended up being more than just soft porn – it was a romance as well.


Give each of your guests a little gift that they can take home themselves and the most obvious would be the actual EL James book. You can purchase them super cheap nowadays from Kmart so there really isn’t a huge price tag to lavishing your guests with this. This and the mask will keep your guests having a ball.

As they also did here, a great suggestion is to use fake diamonds and table scatters as decorations. He was a millionaire after all. Don’t forget to drape silver ties around the table as well as it was a signature tool he used in Ana’s favourite BDSM experience.

Glitter Glassware

I love this idea as well of serving beautiful red wines in wine glasses that have been dipped in silver and grey glitter. You can learn how to make this yourself by visiting the website InspireDesignandCreate. 


In serving food you should definitely keep to the Grey theme. There are many favourite quotes, such as “What is it with elevators?” that you can transform into food ideas. Kara’s Party Ideas make silver dipped macaroons with floor numbers on them, which is a totally relevant and cute idea! You can also serve a variety of different foods such as silver dipped cupcakes, silver layer cakes, red candy Twizzlers for whips, dark chocolate and strawberries. Romance foods are definitely in!

With This Collar

While your at it as well, be naughty and invite someone in the field over. I’m not meaning a stripper, but nowadays you can hire people to come over and explain different tools of the trade to your guests. You can usually find these at lingerie or “toy” stores like Honey Birdette or Hello Sexy, but they would certainly make for an interesting bachelorette party and would include the mandatory penis and sex themed items that seem to make their rounds as well.

Let me know if you had your own Fifty Shades of Grey party and how you went about doing it (I don’t think I really need to see photos for this one! lol). Email me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com. Until then,

Love and Lingerie!

xx Courtney xx

Big Top Candy Buffet

25 Apr

I know I’ve done a lot of posts about circus parties, carnival themed events and big top food buffets, but the circus is a theme I can never look away from for an event! Maybe it’s because I haven’t thrown my own circus themed party yet – but don’t worry, that will be for my 24th birthday! A culmination of many different circus parties? Where am I to begin?

The answer is right here. These amazing ideas and photos came from Kara’s Party Ideas – a blog I have just recently gotten my teeth into. You will be sure to see a lot more inspiration from the likes of Kara! Anyway, here are some more fun ideas that would be great inspiration for your next circus themed party (and mine):


A circus train is almost as whimsical as a circus tent. It moves the millions of different pieces required to get a circus together, and when you say the word “circus train” you see little cabooses all lined up together like boxes of animal crackers, with giraffe’s necks sticking out the top and bears behind ornate bars. A circus train is a great feature you can use for things like your food table, your drinks table and your candy buffet and would look amazing all lined up together!

You can channel the above photo by getting leftover baby cribs and removing the side panel that is on one side of the crib. Make sure all the cribs are the same colour (you can do circus colours of red and white to get that circus feel) and make sure the base is flat to put all your food and sweets on!

To give it a train feel, get some coloured rope and tie the cribs together to show the different cabooses. You can use tissue paper fans (found from any good party decorating store under either “Tissue Paper Fans” or “Paper Daisies”) of different colours to act as wheels on the front of your train. You can get these tissue paper fans in any colour so you could go red and white to keep the whimsical feeling going, or go with plain black to represent actual wheels.

Next, decorate the cabooses with ornate patterns and streamers and you have one delicious looking circus train!


As I have mentioned before, it’s never a circus party without carnival food so you should stock up on popcorn makers, red and white popcorn boxes, cones of cotton candy and rings of mini donuts. You can get most of these fun carnival food machines from Kmart and other “everything” stores for as little as $20! Get yourself a hot dog maker as well and set up squeezy bottles of mustard and tomato sauce for the carnival feel and set it up on one of your food cabooses. Instant circus!

But if you want something a little more you can get some snacks that would be a normal aspect at any style of party and put a circus themed spin on them by calling them something related to the circus. You can do like Kara did above and get licorice whips and call them “Lion Tamer Whips”. It’s easy and simple and just makes it that little bit special.


Animal crackers are something you couldn’t get here in Australia, but if you are in America you should definitely pick up some boxes that could act as a take home gift for your guests. If your a little short of these kind of crackers, buy a box of delicious cookies and design your own packaging to create a circus theme (or use a designer, like Byron Carr). It’s something a little bit different that would make an excellent circus themed gift for your guests!


Hey, Mr. Postman! I saw a legitimate strongman as part of a burlesque performance while working at the Spiegeltent and everyone in the crowd fell instant in love with him. He gave the idea of a circus strongman a revamp and you could do the same with these cute strongman candy weights!

Basically, make toffee by melting heaps of sugar and adding food colouring to the mix (to make the blue weights). Dip in a blue and white straw or piece of cardboard to make round weights at the end. Delicious, fun and super strongman looking!


If you want to go a bit different to your circus theme candy buffet, you can use red silk draping (like the kind you would find at on a circus tent) and make the little steampunk hot air balloons as a decorational feature. A great way is to utilize the animal element on the tables and get some circus animal figurines as centerpieces. I love the above giraffe head!

If you have any more cute circus ideas, I would love to know! Email me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com

1920′s Themed Parties

5 Mar


My fiancee and I have been lucky enough to land a bartending gig at the infamous Spiegeltent – a beautifully ornate 1920′s handmade circus tent that tours the world boasting a variety of different vaudeville performances from French poetry, burlesque performances, swing dancing, jazz musicians and many more! Not only do we get to dress up 1920′s style and serve drinks, but we get to immerse ourselves in the 1920′s culture that goes beyond gangsters and dames! I thought it would be a great way to introduce you to a few different styles of 1920′s themed parties that you host, and how you can pull them off, so without further ado I ask you, what’s your poison doll?


First up is the classic 1920′s style gangster party that has proven to be the most popular amongst party guests nowadays. Hostess with the Mostess helped come up with this “Rip Roaring Speakeasy” gangster themed party and used a variety of sihlouttes as a mainframe for the party’s 20′s feel. The cutouts all hosted dapper guys in suits and hats, holding Tommy Guns and shooting bullets at the wall, and dames in feather hats, beads and flapper dresses.  It’s a more modern, shapelier idea for a 1920′s party and if you mix it with red, black and white hues like she did here it’s sure to look like a “modern” clip joint.

Plus, how cute are moustache chocolate lollipops? Great food idea to serve!


You can also head the way that Loft On Lake did and use the red, black and white colour theme as a backdrop for a Chicago Burlesque feel. Using boa feathers that burst out the top of a skinny vase makes for a great centerpiece that goes along with the burlesque underbelly feel. Same goes for the red velvet tablecloth and black chairs. It’s all about the seduction and tease of the illegal world – the illegal speakeasy’s full of booze, the criminal activity of the gangsters, the sexy seductions of the hookers and dancers. The more extravagant and “red light” your party is, the more you have hit the most popular party theme around!


Photo: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0113/5732/files/16.png?1382

Now you can go beyond the dark cellers of the 1920′s basements and join the streets of Chicago if you are looking for a more genuine feel of the 1920′s. I’m talking about the area where the women wore furs and respectable hats and A-line dresses, where the men were simply dapper and wore suspenders that didn’t hide their guns.  This version of the 1920′s is more classic, but can be just as fun when designing a theme for a party! It can still incorporate many aspects of the theme that you would find in a Speakeasy party, like the font on the invitations and guestlists etc, but it just means you would be more likely to find Jazz music rather than a burlesque dancer.

20s theme birthday party_black_white_glam birthday2

You can take a leaf out of Haute’s Chocolates book, and go with a black and white colour theme instead of the red light theme. Use softer fabrics to decorate the venue, such as chantilly lace, ribbons, flower garlands, pearls, ruffles and sparkly diamonds. For an adults party, serve wine and champagne, as opposed to the hard liquors you would find at a speakeasy, and a sit down dinner would work best for this kind of style.

20s theme birthday party_black_white_glam birthday

Use black and white stripes or a damask pattern are a great way to incorporate the more modern idea of 1920′s parties into your event. You can use them on wine bottles, gift bags, table settings or cupcake toppers, and they will help people to see that it might be a 1920′s theme, but it certainly isn’t a stuffy or uppercut style party!


You can also go the extra mile, like this Wedding Blog did, and get old-school equipment to decorate the tables as centre-pieces. These work well for things like music machines, old school cameras and even typewriters. It’s a great element to put on the tables, and would sure to be a talking point!

If you’re in Sydney as well, make sure to check out the club Palmer & Co. It’s a cute 1920′s style club that would make a great vintage style venue if you are looking to host your own 1920′s party. With wooden framework, dapperly dressed bartenders and stuffed animals on the wall, it’s certainly a style you want to incorporate into your party!

White, Red and Mint Green Winter Wonderland

20 Dec

For all my friends in the northern hemisphere it’s getting cold outside, and there are many winter wonderland parties being thrown for the Christmas season. Amy Atlas has once again blessed us with some amazing inspiration on how you can go about designing your very own snowy wonderland for your guests!


For any winter wonderland party, you have to go wintery colours such as white and blue. Amy Atlas decided to go a bit different and introduce it as a white, mint green and red party to make it feel a bit more Christmasy. You can create your own wintery feel by cutting out snowflakes to hang above the dessert table like bunting and sprinkle snowflake shaped confetti on the tables. Use red and mint green ribbons to create the silky ice feel.


On the dessert table, don’t forget to serve a lot of white treats in white  serving dishes or clear jars. Serve mint green iced cupcakes or snowflake cake pops, white donuts, coconut ice and snowflake cookies. Yummy! Decorate with white and silver balloons and bunting and you have an amazing winter wonderland!

Crafty Cookie Christmas

28 Nov

When you think of Christmas colours the first thing you think of is green and red. They don’t particularly look good together and have so much Christmas packed into them that if you saw them anywhere else at any other time of year you would instantly think back to carols being played too early and falling asleep after Christmas dinners. In an attempt to make Christmas different, people are searching for new colour schemes that will set their whole Christmas off to be the best one yet.

I’m a firm believer of tweaking things to make them perfect. Red and green are solely Christmas colours, so why not use that obvious colour scheme to your advantage and just tweak it slightly different and to make it right for you. Use the general colours of bright red but mix it with a light mint green hue instead of a bright forrest green. Add in white and some light gingerbread brown and you have an amazing colour coordination for Christmas!

Use your cute gingerbread Christmas colour scheme and get crafty! It’s a great way to cut costs as Christmas and gives your friends and family something extra special. Make gingerbread cookies, homemade pies or jam and make a cute homemade tag to go with it. It’s a great idea for kids to get involved in as well!

Here is a “mood chart” of sorts to help you design your own crafty cookie Christmas!

Borrowed with love from etsy.

Taken from Once Upon Supplies.

Taken from Pink Frosting.

If you have any ideas for making a mint green, brown, white and red Christmas treat let me know at thepartyconnection@hotmail.

Queen Of Hearts Party

11 Nov

The Queen of Hearts is one of the most prominent characters in the Alice in Wonderland tale, and something about being  a decadent and crazy queen who wears a lot of red has everybody wanting to yell “off with her head!” So why not let them, by having a Queen of Hearts style party? Here are some ways to do just that…

The Queen of Hearts wears a lot of black and red, and would much prefer everything to also be red (“We’re painting the roses red!”) so you should use this colour scheme when decorating your party. The point of the Queen is that she is the ruler of her deck of cards and a deck is usually black, white and red so incorporate this into the design. You can take a leaf out of Yvonne Byatts Family Fun’s book and decorate your tables with black tablecloths and beautiful red sashes to go on the back of chairs. Use white and black place settings and plain white plates to incorporate the white  and mix up the bold colours of black and red.

My favourite piece from the above photo is definitely the centerpieces. Yvonne used oversized red queen chess pieces as the main feature on the table and put vases of red roses with a stem and hedge piece intermittently between them. It’s a pure Queen decoration and would look great around the party, and not just as a centerpiece. Use spiral hedges to guard the entrances of doors, and put vases of roses on available tables. Red roses would be the best – we all know how the Queen hates white!

Giant chess pieces are also necessary for any Queen of Hearts party and if you can, land yourself a giant chess game that would make for a great decorational piece as well as entertainment for your guests. The Queen was infamously a fan of croquet so if you can get a colourful croquet set for the party it will also be a great addition to the theme!

A cute idea is to create a garland out of an old deck of cards you might have lying around. It would look really sweet and very Queeny hanging above your dessert table. Failing that, if you don’t have a deck of cards around, you can hang up general red, black and white flag bunting to give it that same feel.

This awesome photo above from T. Time Chic had an amazing way to decorate your tables that also incorporated general items from the Alice in Wonderland story – not just the Queen of Hearts. Spread a deck of cards over the table around the place settings and add in a few bits and pieces like small bottles that have “Drink Me” labels on them and the White Rabbit’s pocket watch.

T Time Chic also served some fun foods that are fit for a queen’s court. Serve tea and champagne (specifically red and pink colours) as well as black and white tea sandwiches that are cut out in the deck’s shapes (diamond, club, spade and of course hearts!) and other items such as red velvet cupcakes, strawberries and other berries and deck shaped cookies. You can go crazy with the ideas here!

You can also stick to the red theme and serve red wine for your guests. You can even design your own labels for the wine bottles that feature a Queen of Hearts or a deck of cards design like they did at Geminye Concierge.

No matter what you do, make sure you capture the decadent and excessive insanity that is the Queen of Hearts. Games, Decks of Cards, Red Roses and the colour theme of black, red and white are key in this  theme so don’t forget to utilize all of these elements! if you get around to having your own Queen of Hearts party, let me know. E-mail me at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com

More Circus Tricks And Tips

29 Sep

I’m going to the circus!!!! Something about the red and white striped tent, the vintage popcorn machine, the clowns and the fabulous acrobats and magicians assistants makes me feel so happy :) So I thought I would share with you some more fun circus and clown themed ideas that are sure to make any kid feel as happy as I am!

A great idea that I came across while at my day job was a great activity you could provide for your child and their guests. You could hire a clown (or someone from a clown school) to teach your guests some basics in clowning around. They can teach them basics like juggling and stilt walking and give the kids cool tricks and tips to walk away with it – something much more long lasting than a goody bag! You could also teach them how to make some basic balloon animals like a balloon dog (or giraffe or a bunny rabbit, which are the same technique as a dog) for them to practice with. The clown could probably provide more of an extensive range of balloon animals for the kids to take home (I would know – I used to make make balloon animals for a living!) but it would be a fun skill for the kids to practice themselves!

You could spin a circus themed party any way you like – from a classic red and white stripe circus party to a vintage inspired circus to a girly pink and white silhouette circus – and you can base your decorations and candy bar on these different styles. I found these awesome candy buffets from the blog Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas  that go well with the classic circus theme.

Use red and white striped tablecloths over the table to give it the buffet that circus tent feel and use red stands and buckets to showcase the food on the buffet. Serve classic circus foods like cotton candy, popcorn in classic red and white popcorn boxes, cupcakes, peanuts (for the elephants) and jungle cookies. Red drinks were provided with red and white straws to give a hint of vintage while still sticking with the circus theme.

Another awesome idea for a circus party that would satisfy the celebrations of a girl is to have a pink and white circus party. Swap the red and white for the more girly colour scheme and focus more on the magician’s assistants in tutus, the show ponies, the ferris wheels, the cotton candy and the elephants than the “Roll up, roll up!” excitement of a classic circus. Show off these cute elements of the circus by using their familiar silhouettes as the decorations – on the cake, the cupcake toppers, on the walls, the place settings, everything!  The girls can have fun with goody bags with ribbon wands and little top hats in them to make their show extra spectacular!

I got this cute photo from above from the blog of Hostess with the Mostess. If you have any more awesome circus party ideas keep them coming at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com!

Evil Queen Inspired Bar

18 Sep

The fairy tale of Snow White has gathered popularity thanks to Hollywood projects such as Snow White and the Huntsman and Once Upon A Time, and while dressing up like a princess is fun, with Halloween around the corner we thought it might be more fun to provide an interesting spin on your Halloween costume and party. Take a few tips and host your own Evil Queen party this October 31st!

Our go to girls, Hostess with the Mostess hosted an Evil Queen inspired party by having a blinging bash. Using rough cut acrylic diamond pieces as scatterfetti over the tables, they drew on the Evil Queen’s love of her mirror and reflected that in the decor. Using a large mirror cutout as a centre piece hanging over the candy buffet, they placed all  the delicious food on mirrored centrepieces and had the table decked out in grey and silver tablecloths and table runners.

She also served yummy foods such as blackberry tarts and the famous poisoned apple in the form of toffee apples. Any Evil Queen party would have to include apples of some sort! Use dark sticks and twigs as decorative pieces in a red vase to symbolize the dark forest and you will turn any venue into a mysterious adventure!

To Halloween-efy your party, why not try this adorable vintage style Pumpkin and Crown display? It would work as an amazing display at the entrance of your party!

Got any more evil queen inspired ideas? Let me know at thepartyconnection@hotmail.com

Sweet And Sinful…A Moulin Rouge Candy Bar

12 Sep

Moulin Rouge is a fun, vibrant and little bit naughty theme for a party that could work well for any bridal shower, 21st or hens night. Hostess with the Mostess put together this amazing alternative to the French theme on her blog  so if your thinking of having a kitchen tea and a hen’s night, why not have a Paris Pink and Black theme for your kitchen tea, and a Moulin Rouge theme for your hen’s night?

Moulin Rouge is famous for it’s large red neon windmill (which isn’t that big when you see it in person) so Hostess put together a large windmill centerpiece to adorn the candy buffet and bring attention to the sweet sins.

The candy buffet featured a red and black tablecloth with rouffled trimmings and jars of pink, black, white and red candy drenched in red glowing light. A fun and cute idea was to put glittery top hats on the table as decorative attachment on the table to bring out the burlesque theme of the Moulin Rouge.

Feather Boas are also a fun way of bringing out the burlesque feel of the Moulin Rouge and different colours that are still in combination with the theme make a fun way to separate tables and buffets.

Coming up soon, I will introduce you to the sweet part of your party… Paris black and pink!


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